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Stepping Forward

Our literacy programme has helped women develop the confidence to speak about their life experiences, and document these in their own words, compiled in the form of this popular booklet.

Bebaak Kalam

A compilation of poems and songs composed in the course of a writing workshop conducted by Iranian-American poet and performer Roxy Azari during a trip to India (2010)

Bol Ke Labh Azad Hai

Our women domestic survivors wished to speak about their life experiences, which are documented here in their own words (2014)

Ek Chah Khule Aasmaan Ki

The result of a writing workshop with young women and girls coming to the organisation (Hindi, 2015)

Gunjate Tarane

A compilation of activist songs

Ink se Bhare mere Haath

The outcome of a writing workshop for volunteers of Aawaaz-e-Niswaan (Hindi)

Workshop on Muslim women, fundamentalism and law

A workshop that was held to reflect on the interactions between the personal and political; and the implications of activism for the rights of Muslim women. (2012)

Conference on Muslim Personal Law and women

Information on Muslim Personal Laws related to Marriage, Divorce, Maintenance and Guardianship.

Photography Notebook

Transforming the stereotypical representation of Muslim women into a novel new way