Bebaak Qalam

Bebaak Qalam, meaning Unrestrained Pen is a collection of poems which emerged from a writing workshop by Roxanna Azari, an award winning Iranian American spoken word poet who visited India on a Watson Fellowship. The contributors are girls in the age group of 17-21 from a much maligned muslim ghetto of Mumbra who have through poetry broken a number of stereotypes associated with Muslim women from Mumbra.

The poems in this book are a selection of the many written following discussions on issues as complicated as the Israel Palestine conflict, displacement and the rights of migrants, the communal atmosphere in the country, of Kashmir, of hate and of love, of customs and impositions, of the hijab and many such issues which shape and colour our lives.

Hazaar bhavar me phasa mera safeena हज़ार भंवर में फंसा मेरा सफीना
Mere azm ka baadbaa ise saahil pe le aayega मेरे अज्म का बादबा इसे साहिल पे ले आएगा

This stanza from one of the poems in this book sums up the spirit of the book and the discussions of the workshop, the spirit to fight, to find our way through obstacles, of hope and the unwillingness to give up.